The new age ventilator

With HFNC mode

Innovative. Reliable. Indigenous. Safe.

Noccarc V310 offers an advanced, compact yet reliable ICU ventilation solution. Carefully crafted with the combination of cutting edge research and advanced manufacturing technologies, the turbine based design enables highly efficient independent operation and a wide range of ventilation modes, including High Flow Nasal Cannula.

The IOT enabled system allows central data monitoring and logging remotely making Noccarc V310 a much safer and easy to manage option for the health professionals in the current case of Covid-19 pandemic.

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Ventilation Modes

Invasive and Non Invasive :

High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC mode)

Quick Ventilation Mode for Emergency Use

Standby Mode

Apnea Backup Ventilation

Monitored Parameters
  • Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP)
  • Peak End Expiratory Pressure (Auto PEEP)
  • Plateau Pressure
  • Inhaled and Exhaled Tidal Volume
  • Oxygen Concentration (FiO2%)
  • Respiratory Rate
  • I: E ratio
  • Driving Pressure
  • Mean Pressure
  • Exhaled and Inhaled Minute Volume
  • Spontaneous Minute Volume
  • Total Leak Volume
  • Rapid Shallow Breathing Index (RSBI)
  • Static and Dynamic Lung Compliance
  • Inspiratory and Expiratory Time
  • Display trend values for 48 Hrs for all the above parameters

Alarms for Device and Patient Safety
  • Power Disconnected
  • Patient Disconnected
  • High Inspiratory Pressure
  • High & Low PEEP
  • High & Low Respiratory Rate
  • High & Low Tidal Volume
  • High & Low FiO2 %
  • Power Sensor Failure
  • Read/Write Error
  • Ventilator Temperature Error
  • System Failure (Safe Mode)
  • Alarm History of 200 Alarms

Graphic Mode with Display
  • Flow vs Time
  • Pressure vs Time
  • Volume vs Time
  • Pressure-Flow Loop
  • Pressure-Volume Loop
  • Volume-Flow Loop