Lightweight. Effective. Autonomous

Noccarc S200 is a water-less and automatic robot for solar panel cleaning. S200 is light in weight and can directly run on the solar module frames without touching the glass surface. Maximum dust removal is ensured by cleaning small patches of the row from top to bottom with the rotating microfiber brushes and the airflow generated by the rotors. The unique double sided winch allows the robot to work at any tilt angle (including zero) without compromising on the functionality. The robot is also equipped with the N-Trak system (patent filed) which tracks the motion of both top and the bottom edge and helps overcome obstacles without twisting. Every functional component is independent of the other, thus making the robot extremely easy and intuitive to maintain. The robot can be operated and monitored remotely with a dedicated SCADA. The robot is equipped with theft alarm, obstacle alarm and fault alarm. The flexible electronic architecture allows us to update the firmware and performance parameters without any hardware upgrade.

Noccarc S200

Noccarc S200 is an Innovative water-less solar plant cleaning robot for utility scale solar plants. It has been designed after a thorough study and analysis of the problems which exists on ground, which makes the robot easy to operate and simple to maintain.
Considering the common problem of row sizes which can vary from few meters to kilometres in same plant, the robot is designed in a way that it can be operated both as a dedicated and a shareable system. The robot comes equipped with a system which allows the robot to overcome high levels of irregularities and undulations.
Noccarc S200 can be retrofitted in plants which are not designed specifically for robotic cleaning with minor infrastructural modifications.